Housing Estate at a Glance

2,5 room unit

A small, smart apartment for the sophisticated resident.
The living rooms to the front of the building have an unrestricted view and optimal light conditions.

3,5 room unit

Live high above Davos
The apartments at the centre of the building will have a magnificent balcony. The layout of the bedrooms, each with a private bathroom is an efficient and generous organization of space providing a central living and eating area.

3,5 room unit, attic

Fantastic view
The 147 m2, 3,5 room apartment is the crown jewel of the property. Although high above the roofs of Davos the penthouse is still modestly integrated into the building. No matter what the season, the covered balcony and the adjoining terrace will offer the resident quality at the resident quality at the highest level.

4,5 room unit

Stately living in the west wing
The apartments in the west wing are intelligently arranged with a classic wide corridor creating the traditional separation between living and sleeping areas. Two generous bathrooms complete the comfortable facilities. The large covered balcony of the upper floor creates an exclusive loggia for the ground floor apartment.

Panoramic views in the east wing
The unimpeded outlook from the 36 m2 balcony to the Landwassertal is complemented by a wonderful view of the Jakobshorn from the side. The extraordinary spaciousness of 200 m2 also includes 25 m2 of cloakroom and storage space plus two bathrooms and one guest-bathroom. The ideal proportions of the living areas, the open plan kitchen with free-standing units and the optional gas fireplaces are compellingly impressive.

Basement, Garage

The car parking area is located in the parking zone of the Residence Esplanade next door. It is connected to the Esplanade Belle Epoque through a subterraneous walkway.The parking lots are generous in size. Each apartment also enjoys the benefits of a storage room to keep sports gear such as skis and sledges.