Davos: A cosmopolitan city

At the time when Thomas Mann was writing his book "Magic Mountain", Davos was still an contemplative and romantic mountain village, though even in those days it was already world renowned. For over 150 years, Davos has been recognized as a outdoor resort area, and is known throughout the world for the healing qualities of its climate. Today, Davos (population of 13,000 inhabitants) is not only the highest situated city in Europe, but also a winter and summer sports paradise, established convention site and for several years the site of the World Economic Forum and thus for a few days the most important town on the globe.

Residents and guests enjoy the urban conveniences of the charming Alpine metropolis – the thriving lifestyle of the interwoven hotels, international shops, innumerable restaurants and educational institutions and, last but not least, the multilateral and internationally recognized array of cultural and athletic events. All of this is embedded in the breath-taking nature and mountain landscape of the Swiss Alps.

Last but not least: Despite global warming, at 1,500 meters above sea level, there is always snow in Davos – ideal for cross-country or downhill skiing and snowboarding.